California Communications, Inc pilots – a new AI based VideoBOT technology for personalized cricket highlights.

Get your personalized ‘cricket match highlights’
Get your personalized ‘sport match highlights’
A VideoBOT for dynamic personalized Cricket highlights

California Communications is working on a new VideoBots technology and VideoAI technology that enable machines to understand videos to a level where AI can understand and summarize a video content.

With its new VideoAI and VideoBOT technologies, California Communications team has created, that will process a cricket match using it’s proprietary AI Technology and make it interactive. Once it’s processed by AI, the users would be able to interact with a cricket match and ask for personalized highlights.

Users can ask questions like

User to → Show me all the sixes and fours. will show a “Personalized Cricket highlights” for the user

Be it all the sixes or be it all wickets. No problem. Just ask your You will get your personalized highlights.



Some sample questions:

  • Show me all the sixes and fours.
  • Show me all catches.
  • Show me all free hits

And will present a dynamically created personalized video for the user with what the users exactly want to watch.

“Look at the video player! It’s the same ever since videos are invented. We want to change the way people consume and interact with videos. We want to take video interactivity to a whole new level with artificial intelligence. We want people to talk to videos. We want to be the ‘Siri for videos’”

Ram Chellamuthu.

Currently, this technology is piloted by few media and entertainment companies in California and India

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