Improving the marriage life of onsite and offshore employees with Video & Screen Messaging Platform

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California Communication, Inc – a California based startup with a new product XpressIT to improve the marriage life of onsite and offshore families

I was in an on-site and offshore work model for more than a decade. ‘Damage to marriage life’ is one of the biggest problem that a huge section of 4 million Indian onsite and offsite workers face. Going to bed late or waking up early to connect with your team back on the other shore on regular basis? You are summoning the demon for the end of your marriage life. Your better half won’t like that for sure. Trust me or ask them :-)”.


– Ram Chellamuthu

Unfortunately, US and India are 12.5 hours apart. When the day starts for the people in the US, it’s time for the people in India to go to bed. That’s when the real problem starts. Investing quality time with the partner is of utmost importance in the married life. It’s just very hard to create quality or intimate time when one’s business and customers are starting their work onsite. If it’s off-site then it’s the other way around. Whichever way you look at it, the problem exists in a big way.

I found that a clear problem exist, because I was a victim of one. Yes. I recently got divorced. 🙁

I strongly believed that an ‘asynchronous platform like email’ (which doesn’t need an active time from the other person and you can just send it, so the users would be able to see it at their convenience) but in an ‘audio-visual format and NOT text would be a great solution for this problem.

I started researching on the existing ‘Video & Screen recording and sharing tools’ in the market. Almost all the recording tools, expect users to record at one shot, which is typically not possible. All the mistakes we make during recording a video needs to be corrected after recording, which is very time consuming and requires video editing expertise. So typically, people end up re-recording until they get it right, which is super frustrating and the waste of effort.

So I decided to create a new tool, that addresses those limitations. That’s how I ended up building XpressIT.

With our patent pending ‘undo while recording’ feature, XpressIT has the least post production effort amongst any recording tool in the market, where you can eliminate errors during the recording time.

XpressIT has already helped onsite and offshore workers to review work and send Video messages to the other shores during their daytime. This has enabled employees to keep their night calls to minimum and at the same time communicate effectively with employees on the other shore, which emails and texts can’t convey. This has worked very well and has impacted several lives positively.

I basically created it for onsite and offshore people, however, few of our customers started using in Sales and Customer Success and have found it to be very effective. XpressIt is also being used in the areas of Training, Learning and Development, HR function, Employee Onboarding and several other to create quick and effective videos.

Company BIO:

California Communications, Inc – is a California based Angel-funded startup, that specializes in Video AI (Video Artificial Intelligence) to build an AI Video platform to extract intelligence from videos to a level where AI can comprehend, summarize the video OR make it ultra-interactive using Natural Language queries.

We have created a Video Platform for Business called “XpressIT” – An AI screen recording and sharing platform. We help Pre-sales and customer success teams to create quick videos to personalize the communication and clarify customers queries. XpressIT, has the least post-production time & cost in the industry.

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