Introducing ShrinkIT – one of the world’s largest neural network for summarising video content

At Cornea Cloud we envision to change the way videos are consumed around the world. We strive to make videos intelligent. Today, we are excited to announce to the world – ShrinkIT. A part of the Cornea universe, ShrinkIT, as the name suggests helps shrink video content to biteable size. Like Google is to search, ShrinkIT is to summarize. ShrinkIT can summarize any video with its AI capabilities in minutes.

As a developer one does not need develop their own solutions to help generate summaries for multimedia content. With ShrinkIT, developers won’t just be saving time, money and effort; but most importantly can be rest assured regarding the accuracy of the summary. We can say this with utmost confidence as we have been working on various data collection strategies over the years to collect summarized data and with immense pleasure we are proud to say that ShrinkIT currently possesses the largest repo of content that be used to train the neural network on how to summarize a content.

There are various use cases of ShrinkIT. For example, if you are an e-learning company, you can simply integrate ShrinkIT to your existing infrastructure and your learners can get the benefit of easy revising of video lessons through ShrinkIT generated video lesson summaries.

ShrinkIT is easy to integrate with your existing framework. It’s just plug and play and voila, your users can enjoy AI generated video summaries. For developer access, you need to sign up on ShrinkIT platform. If you have any feedback for us, do mail us on . We are all ears!

If you just want to play with and see how this works, you can simply upload a video of your choice or give link to your favorite YouTube video, and within minutes you can get your video summarized. Do let us know your feedback and experience with ShrinkIT.

As we move forward with changing the world of video content, ShrinkIT API happens to be one of the world’s largest neural network for summarizing video content. If you have a lengthy video, don’t fret, just ShrinkIT !

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