Meet Cornea – One stop solution to get more done through your videos

I have been at the forefront of witnessing how AI has been at play even before it became a buzzword in the tech world. Having worked at Microsoft for 8 years, I have personally seen how AI has been shaping up as an exponential technology.

Being a techie and an inventor, I envision a world where technology enhances our day-to-day life and experiences. As a side project, previously, I built BuddyHome, a robot that helps you in your household chores, even before Alexa and Google Home came in the picture.

Working as a developer evangelist, inventor and entrepreneur, I have had the experience of closely observing AI at play and the gaps which exist in its solutions. While working on my previous startup, SmartVoiceMail, I worked extensively with multimedia data. This was the startup funded and incubated by TATA Communications. Basically we were building a smart voicemail system, in the world where telephones are declining and voicemails were declining at a pathetic rate. We were trying to solve a problem that didn’t exist OR I did a poor job in marketing. The SmartVoiceMail journey was a good experience which carved the way to what we are working on today.

Three years ago I founded my second venture, California Communications. Having observed the gaps that exist in multimedia content, we decided to work on making videos smarter. Today, though videos dominate the internet world, one can’t do much with them. As I went on to talk to people in this industry, I found out that businesses struggle with engagement on their video content. Particularly in e-learning and OTT where the cost of content creation is high, one can’t afford to have low engagement rates on their content. My team has been working on a comprehensive AI powered solution to help video intensive businesses to boost engagement. I am pleased to introduce to the world our product, Cornea – an universal cloud and APIs for making videos intelligent, intuitive, interactive and personalised. Cornea envisions to change the way people consume video content around the world today.

As a team, we noticed that A.I. has been very successful with structured data. But when it comes to unstructured data, it’s still a complex problem to solve. With ImageNet and few other open neural net platforms available, we are able to achieve some ‘complex video workflows’ getting built, but the error rate is very high. We found this as a critical problem to solve, given that data says that 80% of world’s internet traffic is going to be video.

Today we are piloting with some of the best brands in the industry and Cornea is powering their video workflows. Few of the Microsoft customers who are piloting our Cloud are liking it so far and have seen some great results.

Being a startup, its difficult to achieve revenue positive stage. I am proud to say that having achieved product-market fit through our pilots, we are generating revenues. I was bootstrapping this company until this point and to boost our growth we are currently raising a $1.5M seed. We have already received a couple of commitments. If you are a fund or angel, interested in AI, video or cloud business, we would be pleased to talk to you. If you are someone who likes what we are doing, do refer us to relevant investors, developers and companies in your network.

I will keep you posted as we move forward in our journey to revolutionize the world of online videos!


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