Video Personalisation: The next frontier in multimedia technology

The world of marketing and sales has been buzzing with the concept of “Personalization”. In today’s world of information overload, personalization has become crucial. Brands often struggle with the problem of delivering the right content at the right time to their customers. Personalization leads to higher engagement rates.

Although when it comes to personalization for video content, the dynamics is tricky. Video content production is an expensive affair. To deliver personalized videos, its next to impossible to be able to create videos exclusive to a particular customer. That’s where the AI powered technology like Cornea comes in which helps your video to deliver a personalized experience to every user.

With the world coming closer and brands communicating more often with their target audience, the lack of personal touch in your communication can be damaging. There has been a lot of reactive solutions wherein you collect the preferences of your target audience first and then deliver a “so-called personalized” experience to them. But, a reactive solution can’t be really humane. And that’s why we need proactive real time solution that helps deliver personalized experience to your target audience in real time while they are streaming the content.

There have been some interesting personalized videos examples when it comes to video ads. Many big brands are joining the bandwagon of personalized ads. For example, Nike has done it very well by sending 100,000+ personalized videos to its app users, celebrating their fitness achievements and also promoting the brand.

At Cornea we do see what video personalization can do in the world of marketing and we will be very soon coming up with solution that delivers real time personalization for videos. But, even a greater use case we have seen it in the world of entertainment where OTT is becoming more popular than ever; and learning where e-learning video courses are dominating.

The personalization does not have to be limited to showing “similar content” from the library. Personalization should be on-demand, proactive and in real-time. If you run a ed-tech company or have a video course, you don’t want your learner to get stuck and you would want him/her to get most out of your content. Not all learners are same. There learning styles are different and their proficiency levels are different. Personalized videos should be able to do that. Like say, you have a learner who does not remember the prerequisite of the course; without having to move away from the video, your video is able to make your learner go through the prerequisites in a crisp manner. The learning videos should be designed with keeping in mind that it not only helps boost engagement on videos but also help learners in boosting their retention of information. Cornea for Learning does just that.

When it comes to OTT(over-the-top), though there are personalized recommendations but there is no personalized experience while your user is watching the content. In a half an hour movie, there will be few memorable scenes which the user would want to watch again and again. Again, since different users will have different favorite scenes. How would you be able to help your users navigate to the scenes they would like without having to drop out? That’s where on-demand and real time personalized videos come in. Solutions like Cornea for entertainment which are developed as per the entertainment needs of the social media generation, are needed for your OTT.

We agree that achieving complete personalization is not easy. But, we do believe that with AI its possible because every customer is a “king” and they deserve the best personalized experience. At Cornea, we are constantly working towards enabling personalized videos for every customer of yours. If you are interested in knowing more about it, Sign up for a demo with us.

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